What to look for in a Builder

You have made the decision to construct the custom home of your dreams or to finally transition one of your spare bedrooms into a home office. The next step is finding a custom homebuilder, with whom you can easily communicate, that has the right certifications, permits and licenses and possesses substantial industry experience.

Favorable Feedback

Create a list of Houston custom homebuilders and custom remodelers that have impressive testimonials from previous clients. Clients that have experienced building a custom home or custom remodeling their current home with a builder have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Reading testimonials can show a builder’s talent when it comes to understanding clients’ visions and bringing them to life. In general, consistent, positive testimonials are telling in regard to the type of customer service and communication a custom home builder provides.


Look into licenses, permits and certifications for the home builders you are considering for your upcoming custom home or custom remodeling plans. Builders that do not follow the necessary certification processes in making sure your home is up to code can make the building process timeline lag or halt completely. Even worse, builders that do not procure the proper documentations and inspections have the potential to leave you with major problems with your custom home down the road.


A custom home builder’s portfolio reveals a great deal about their experience with different custom home designs, a variety of custom remodeling projects and other services they offer, such as green construction. Green construction is a growing area of interest for homeowners looking to cut electrical costs and live a cleaner and greener lifestyle. At MW Design and Construction we are experienced in green construction, utilizing methods such as proper lot orientation and the strategic use of local materials to maximize savings.

Browse our online portfolio to find some of our past custom home building and custom remodeling projects. Contact us to find out more about what MW Design and Construction has to offer our clients.