A New Year is the Perfect Time to Add Something New to Your Home

At the end of this month, a new year will begin. 2014 calendars are ready to be filled with new events and new activities.  A new year is the perfect time to add something new to your home.

A New Kitchen


Since you spend time working in your kitchen every day, it makes sense to make sure that it is just the way you want it.  MW Designs can make your space a place you look forward to being.  A new countertop or island might be just what your kitchen needs.

A New Bathroom

At the end of a long day, relaxing in a new bathtub hits the spot.  MW Designs can make this dream a reality for you in 2014.  Why stop at the bathtub?  A new shower or new storage space can be part of your new year as well.

A New Backyard Getaway


Your backyard is your sanctuary from the world.  You can make it an even more peaceful place with a cozy nook.  A waterfall and a hot tub makes your backyard a space you may never want to leave.

MW Designs is ready to make your home new in 2014.  From the front door to the backyard to the kitchen to the den, ring in the new year with MW Designs.