Get Your Backyard Ready for Spring

It won’t be long until warm weather returns.  With that fact in mind, now is a great time to update your backyard so it is ready to enjoy when spring comes and you are spending more time outside.

A New Deck

Once things warm up, you’ll be ready to cook and entertain outside to your heart’s content with a new deck.  Ask MW Designs how you can have a deck to entertain the whole neighborhood.  If your dream is a small, intimate structure with a cozy gazebo, MW can make that a reality as well.

Splish, Splash!

It may be cold outside at the moment, but it will be hot again without a doubt. When that day comes, make sure you have a place to cool down in style.  MW Designs can help you put a swimming pool in place that fits your needs precisely.

Back of the house

Think Green

Now is the perfect time to plan any new plants you want to add to your backyard.  Given the heat and possible dry conditions that hit the area every summer, consider drought-resistant plants in your planning.  A few in particular to keep in mind: Lavender, Blanket Flowers, or Moss Roses.

Earth in children`s hands

Spring is just around the corner.  If the winter weather is keeping you inside more than you would like, use the time to plan improvements for your backyard that you can enjoy when warm weather returns.  Contact MW Designs to get the update started.

Efficient and Long Lasting LED Bulbs Provide a Better Option

Light Emitting Diodes(LED) are more efficient and longer lasting sources of light than traditional incandescent bulbs.  In addition, they are more rugged and durable than their conventional counterparts.  As a result of these advantages, LED bulbs are now being used in every application imaginable from residential lighting to aerospace.

Up to 90% Less Energy Usage

Changing to LED lights can lead to a decrease in energy usage of up to 90%.  That level of efficiency is equivalent to changing the tires on a car and immediately being able to drive for a month on four gallons of gas instead of 40 gallons.

One key to the LED light’s efficiency is that it doesn’t waste energy heating its environment.  Up to 80% of the power used to run a conventional bulb is lost in heat generation.

100,000 Hours of Life

A typical diode or bulb has a life expectancy of approximately 100,000 hours. Doing the math, this means that If you use an LED bulb every day for eight hours day,  you will need to make a trip to your local hardware store to buy a replacement at some point. However, you won’t need to run that errand for about 20 years.

Built to Survive

LED lights are constructed with semiconductor material instead of fragile filaments and neon gas which are found in other types of lighting.  As a result, LED lights are much sturdier and able to withstand a much higher level of shock, vibration and exposure to extreme temperatures.  This increased durability makes it possible to use LED lights in environments where a traditional bulb would be unthinkable.

LED bulbs have many advantages when compared to traditional incandescent lighting solutions.

The level of efficiency and longevity and the promise of durability that these bulbs provide make them an excellent option to light your world.