Go Green with MW Designs

Go Green with MW Designs

Including a green design for your home provides a chance to more efficiently use your resources.  MW Designs specializes in green design. They can assure that your new home leaves a small footprint on the environment.

Reduce what you’re using everyday, try to find a more efficient way

Just like individual can reduce their level of waste with more efficient living, a house can be designed to achieve the same goal.  There are numerous features included in a home that make it more friendly to the environment by reducing the amount of energy it uses.


LED and CFL Lighting

LED and CFL lighting costs more to install in a home upfront.  However, this small investment provides a large amount of savings over the life of the home.  Compared to traditional incandescent lighting, LED and CFL options use much less energy, which is beneficial to the environment and your pocketbook.


Energy Star Appliances

An appliance with the Energy Star sticker has been designed to be efficient and energy saving.  In addition, these appliances provide the quality that you expect.  An Energy Star appliances have a place in any green home.



Fittingly, the nature surrounding a home can be used to make it more environmentally friendly.  For example, proper placement of trees can be helpful throughout the year.  They can provide shade to keep your house cool in the summer and allow more sunlight to reach the house in the colder months.


Proper Insulation

Insulation may be the most important green upgrade in home construction.  Since adding more insulation after the home is completed can be costly, be sure to get an adequate amount installed during the construction process.


A green home is good for the environment.  If you want your home to reflect your commitment to the world around you, contact MW Designs about going green.


Introducing Our Latest Project: The Wickford Project

Introducing Our Latest Project: The Wickford Project

Can a home from MW Designs be simultaneously dynamic, peaceful, exciting, grand and cozy?

Our Wickford project proves that the answer to this question is a resounding “Yes!”

This custom home, is full of surprises. Surprises which tell a tale of two houses.  A tale of a public home for entertaining and a private one for daily living.

Guests enter the Wickford home through a six-foot wide pivoting stainless steel door.  This impressive entry way ushers them into the main living area.  This area includes coffered ceilings and vistas.  In addition, this gathering area will impress your guests with its free standing horizontal fireplace and stone slab wall.

The living area also serves as a gateway into more of the home’s public area.  A cozy covered terrace and lap pool and waterfalls await those who venture beyond the main living area.

Also awaiting guests at the Wickford project is the dining room, the heart of the home.  Friends dine together here in a circular arrangement that provides cozy ambience and pleasing energy.

When the entertaining ends the private side of the home awaits.  This part of the house provides not only a sanctuary for the residents. It also seems to be a second complete home.

For example, the family/media/library room is a quiet area accented with private art created by family members.  The area also includes favorite keepsakes and books in a wall to wall built in library.  Beyond this intimate space lies the gym and the family bedrooms.

The unique design of the Wickford Project gives its residents the best of both worlds.  This custom home from MW Designs provides a public face for welcoming friends and family in a grand fashion.  At the same time, the layout offers the family a place of respite and solitude when it is needed. Contact MW Designs to find out how they can plan a unique home that meets your needs as well.


What to look for in a Builder

You have made the decision to construct the custom home of your dreams or to finally transition one of your spare bedrooms into a home office. The next step is finding a custom homebuilder, with whom you can easily communicate, that has the right certifications, permits and licenses and possesses substantial industry experience.

Favorable Feedback

Create a list of Houston custom homebuilders and custom remodelers that have impressive testimonials from previous clients. Clients that have experienced building a custom home or custom remodeling their current home with a builder have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Reading testimonials can show a builder’s talent when it comes to understanding clients’ visions and bringing them to life. In general, consistent, positive testimonials are telling in regard to the type of customer service and communication a custom home builder provides.


Look into licenses, permits and certifications for the home builders you are considering for your upcoming custom home or custom remodeling plans. Builders that do not follow the necessary certification processes in making sure your home is up to code can make the building process timeline lag or halt completely. Even worse, builders that do not procure the proper documentations and inspections have the potential to leave you with major problems with your custom home down the road.


A custom home builder’s portfolio reveals a great deal about their experience with different custom home designs, a variety of custom remodeling projects and other services they offer, such as green construction. Green construction is a growing area of interest for homeowners looking to cut electrical costs and live a cleaner and greener lifestyle. At MW Design and Construction we are experienced in green construction, utilizing methods such as proper lot orientation and the strategic use of local materials to maximize savings.

Browse our online portfolio to find some of our past custom home building and custom remodeling projects. Contact us to find out more about what MW Design and Construction has to offer our clients.