An Energy Efficient Home Begins With the Floor

fir boards installationThe first step to maximizing the energy efficiency of your home is to start at the bottom.  New construction or a remodel? Either way take into account the efficiency of your flooring.


Bamboo grows quickly so it reproduces every 5 to 10 years. This feature makes it a sustainable option.  It is recommended to buy bamboo from operations with sustainable management practices.


A concrete floor can be a perfect fit in some rooms.  Quite often, concrete does include recycled materials.  In addition, concrete flooring is efficient as no further materials are required to augment the application.  An added energy efficient bonus of concrete is that radiant heating can be embedded into the concrete itself.

Natural Stone

The most efficient feature of a natural stone floor is that it will last virtually for ever.  If you do decide to replace the stone, it can be returned to the earth.  There is a finite supply of stone so it is advisable to get your flooring from a nearby source to limit the energy used in transportation.


Linoleum is biodegradable and recyclable.  Linoleum on your floor is long-lasting and can be patched if it is damaged.  Unlike most flooring options, linoleum can tolerate being wet.

With energy costs through the roof, the smart home builder considers every option to increase efficiency.  The floor you walk on is one of those options.  MW Designs is ready to give you an energy efficient home from floor to ceiling.