Apartment 517 For Lease

Building for Sage Condos

This luxurious apartment is located in the Sage building and offers a wonderful  view of the resort style pool. The amenities include 24 hours concierge, fitness club house for private party and library/business center.






Pool at sage Condo


Located in the Central Galleria area, it is surrounded by world class shopping and dining.






Kitchen for 517 Sage

Condo is fully furnished with recently remodeled kitchen.

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Get Your Backyard Ready for Spring

It won’t be long until warm weather returns.  With that fact in mind, now is a great time to update your backyard so it is ready to enjoy when spring comes and you are spending more time outside.

A New Deck

Once things warm up, you’ll be ready to cook and entertain outside to your heart’s content with a new deck.  Ask MW Designs how you can have a deck to entertain the whole neighborhood.  If your dream is a small, intimate structure with a cozy gazebo, MW can make that a reality as well.

Splish, Splash!

It may be cold outside at the moment, but it will be hot again without a doubt. When that day comes, make sure you have a place to cool down in style.  MW Designs can help you put a swimming pool in place that fits your needs precisely.

Back of the house

Think Green

Now is the perfect time to plan any new plants you want to add to your backyard.  Given the heat and possible dry conditions that hit the area every summer, consider drought-resistant plants in your planning.  A few in particular to keep in mind: Lavender, Blanket Flowers, or Moss Roses.

Earth in children`s hands

Spring is just around the corner.  If the winter weather is keeping you inside more than you would like, use the time to plan improvements for your backyard that you can enjoy when warm weather returns.  Contact MW Designs to get the update started.

Fill Up Your New Kitchen with Some New Gadgets

image1267181720371418823If you started out the new year with a new kitchen, fill the new space up with some new gadgets.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

These Items Will Fit Really Well in Your New Cabinets

New cabinets in the kitchen are great for storing new gadgets.  The possibilities are only limited by your tastes and how much new space you have.  New measuring cups, tools for making homemade pasta and oil dispensers are just a few possibilities.

Shed Some Light on the Counters

Brand new lights in the kitchen brighten up the whole room.  Take advantage of the light and spotlight your countertops with new cutting boards and a food mill.

Guard Against Distractions with a Timer

The new windows in your kitchen are a great addition.  They are such a great addition, as a matter of fact,  that they may distract you from the food you are preparing in that kitchen.

Add a new timer to your kitchen and you can check out the new view from your kitchen as much as you want without worrying about burning supper.  The timer will faithfully bring you back to reality at just the right time.

Your new kitchen looks great.  Take it to another level, by adding these new gadgets to your 2014 kitchen space.