Celebrate the New Year with a New Twist in Your Backyard

image12675242621519874503As was mentioned previously in this space, a new year is just around the corner.  Once the new year makes it around the corner, consider inviting to visit your backyard.  Here are some new landscaping ideas for your backyard that will make the new year feel right at home.

Add Plants and Planters

Interspersing a variety of planters within a display of plants adds an architectural dimension to your yard.  If you use tall planters, you can reduce the amount of dirt that is needed by filing the bottom with plastic bottles or metal cans.

Make Part of the Yard a Unique Area

Rear-ElevationYou can make your yard stand out by building a section of it around a special theme.  With sand and a hammock, you have a beach hideaway.  Add a collection of feeders to a customized bench, and you will have a bird watching sanctuary.

Go For A Walk

A private pathway built into your backyard landscaping plan provides a chance to enjoy the scenery in a leisurely fashion.  Make sure to provide enough headroom for you and your guests.

A new twist in your backyard is a perfect way to celebrate the new year.  MW Designs can design a backyard plan that fits your home and gives you just what you need.