Step-By-Step Your Dream Home will Materialize Before Your Eyes

Step-By-Step Your Dream Will Materialize Before Your Eyes

Seeing your custom-built home take shape from the ground up is a great experience.  Every week your dream house moves a step closer to being a reality.  Inevitably, anticipation grows as move in day approaches.

In case you would like to know what is coming next in the process, here is a timeline of the typical order of construction.  Please keep in mind that the exact order and timing can vary due to weather, supplies and other factors.


The ball gets rolling as the home site selection is made.  In addition, the home design commences, home pricing is set and the home building contract is signed.


Until all the details are taken care of, there is no sense in breaking ground on your home.  These details include financing for your home, acquiring the proper permits, and obtaining homeowner association approval(if necessary).

Foundation and Frame

This is where your home starts to move off the paper.  The land is cleared.  The concrete is poured for the foundation.  The shell is created, and it actually begins to look like a house.

Building the Exterior

At this point, various crews will surrounding your home on a regular basis.  There is painting to be done, a roof to build and utility service to establish.

Making the Inside Just the Way you Want It

There is a long list of tasks to complete before you can move in to your new home.  From closet shelving to insulation to final inspections.  Your dream home is almost ready.


With every detail exactly the way you want it, there’s just one thing left to do.  Unlock the front door and move in.


Be prepared for plenty of excitement as you watch your custom home being built.  Step by step the place you have dreamed of will materialize right before your eyes.


A Custom Home Fits You Like A Glove

A Custom Home Fits You Like A Glove


A great home is one that fits its residents perfectly.  Given the fact that no two people are exactly the same, it stands to reason that the perfect home is actually different for everyone and cannot be mass produced.  If you are looking for a home that fits your unique personality, consider building a custom home.


It is Planned Around You


The planning for a custom home doesn’t begin until you enter the picture.  Any ideas or special needs you have for your new residence can be included in the plan.  If you want an elaborate flooring scheme or one more simple, the choice is yours.  Custom planning can be adapted to the vision you have, whether it is energy efficiency or a unique flooring pattern or anything else your heart desires.


Going the Extra Mile


Each custom home is a unique project.  As a result of this uniqueness, those involved in the building process approach it as a one of a kind endeavor rather than a run of the mill house that they put together many times a month.  This perspective leads to a greater attention to detail and a higher quality product.


Your Home Sweet Home


It only makes sense for your home to be different from your neighbor’s home.  While you need a giant room to host numerous parties, your neighbor may need a specially-lighted library to house his antique book collection. A custom home will help each of you accentuate your special interests and personalities.


With a custom home, you can tailor a residence to match your needs exactly, making it a place where you fit perfectly.  If you are looking for a dream home like this, consider building a custom home with MW Designs.


What to look for in a Builder

You have made the decision to construct the custom home of your dreams or to finally transition one of your spare bedrooms into a home office. The next step is finding a custom homebuilder, with whom you can easily communicate, that has the right certifications, permits and licenses and possesses substantial industry experience.

Favorable Feedback

Create a list of Houston custom homebuilders and custom remodelers that have impressive testimonials from previous clients. Clients that have experienced building a custom home or custom remodeling their current home with a builder have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Reading testimonials can show a builder’s talent when it comes to understanding clients’ visions and bringing them to life. In general, consistent, positive testimonials are telling in regard to the type of customer service and communication a custom home builder provides.


Look into licenses, permits and certifications for the home builders you are considering for your upcoming custom home or custom remodeling plans. Builders that do not follow the necessary certification processes in making sure your home is up to code can make the building process timeline lag or halt completely. Even worse, builders that do not procure the proper documentations and inspections have the potential to leave you with major problems with your custom home down the road.


A custom home builder’s portfolio reveals a great deal about their experience with different custom home designs, a variety of custom remodeling projects and other services they offer, such as green construction. Green construction is a growing area of interest for homeowners looking to cut electrical costs and live a cleaner and greener lifestyle. At MW Design and Construction we are experienced in green construction, utilizing methods such as proper lot orientation and the strategic use of local materials to maximize savings.

Browse our online portfolio to find some of our past custom home building and custom remodeling projects. Contact us to find out more about what MW Design and Construction has to offer our clients.

Gavias Grand

We were in charge of the team that redesign the Middle tower into  the two towers.  We reduced the floor plans from 2/3 bedrooms to 1/2 bedroom units.