About Us

MW Design & Construction delivers distinctive designs, dependable service, durable and green construction and the best value for the money invested. Superior construction quality at a reasonable price is the hallmark of MW Design & Construction, LTD. As a Houston custom home builder our attention to detail begins at the outset. Through the oversight of a group of skillful contractors MW Design & Construction brings architecture to life when building your custom home by ensuring that everything in front and behind the scene contributes to a beautiful and high-quality result. We believe that your new project deserves the best, and we will deliver our unsurpassed quality and value to you.

“At MW Design & Construction, the accomplishment that gives us the most pride is the number of clients we have been able to delight with homes that exceeded their expectations. As architects, builders, and developers, this is how we should be evaluated- not by what we say about ourselves but what our clients say about us!” – Meir O’Hanna, Vice President